All Hallows is supported by an extensive multidisciplinary team who will work collaboratively to develop assessment and treatment plans designed to maximise recovery and independence and minimise challenging behaviour and risk.  We have developed 3 rehabilitation categories that define complexity:-

Active / Complex Rehabilitation

Individuals stepping down from acute stroke or level 1 or 2a specialist rehabilitation services who require a period of active rehabilitation – likely to have a range of complex physical, cognitive, behavioural and communicative support needs and require the support of a full MDT.

High Dependency & Specialist Nursing Care

High intensity nursing needs [ventilator, tracheostomy or PEG care management] in addition to cognitive, behavioural, psychological or communication support needs, requiring the support of a full MDT.

Progressive Neurological Conditions

Disability management for individuals with progressive neurological conditions, where there is a progressive deterioration of functioning. Expert care is provided to manage symptoms, enhance quality of life and maintain independence for as long as possible.  The service also supports individuals with a terminal neurological diagnosis and provides end of life care.

Community Rehabilitation

Individuals have received a period of active rehabilitation and demonstrate the ability to gain further independence and functionality in a community setting.  Our multidisciplinary team will risk assess and test and consolidate skills to support a return home or alternative residential setting.

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