• Adam is a 28-year old Romanian man who experienced a traumatic brain injury due to a road accident in February 2017.
• After the accident, he underwent a decompressive craniectomy and spent three weeks in a coma.
• Later, Adam had a cranioplasty, shunt insertion and PEG for feeding.
• He was admitted to The Oakleaf Group in 2017 after being medically stabilised.


• Severe cognitive impairment and disorientation as a result of the accident.
• Adam had little understanding of the complexity of his injury and needs.
• He faced difficulties in communication as he spoke primarily Romanian and had minimal English comprehension.
• Adam presented with high levels of aggression, resulting in frequent. restraints, especially during essential care tasks. This led to a requirement for 24/7 1:1 observations.

Therapeutic Approach and Progress

• The team at Oakleaf supported Adam to build trust and established consistent communication with his family and the aid of an interpreter, Adam began to progress on his rehabilitation pathway.
• He moved into a quieter environment in Northampton, ‘The Lodge’ which offered him consistency and minimised distractions.
• The joining of a Romanian-speaking support worker in 2019 was transformative for Adam. He improved significantly in self-care tasks, leading to the removal of the PEG and overcoming incontinence.
• Adam engaged with therapeutic teams and the interdisciplinary team. He particularly enjoyed working with the horticulture team who supported Adam to leverage his practical skills. This engagement lifted his mood and increased motivation.

Notable Achievements

• In 2021, after achieving remarkable improvement, Adam moved to Martin’s Court, one of Oakleaf’s community houses. This move allowed the team to evaluate his progress in a community setting.
• Adam settled into Martin’s Court and continued his passion for horticulture, visiting the main Oakleaf site twice a week for further therapeutic input.

Adam’s journey is truly inspiring. With the expert support of the Oakleaf Interdisciplinary Team, external agencies, Commissioners and Case Managers, Adam has seen significant improvements in is quality of life and aspirations for the future. Today, Adam actively participates in decisions regarding his daily life and plans for the future.

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