Before anyone is admitted to our services, we meet people and their families wherever they are staying. During the visit our staff make an assessment of your needs and suitability in conjunction with your current care provider and funding authority.

You or your family/supporters may visit Oakleaf to look around to see if it the type of service you want to be admitted to.

After admission, we normally take twelve weeks to complete a comprehensive assessment of your rehab needs. During this time, you will meet nursing and therapy professionals who will work on different things with you.

At the end of the 12 weeks a report will be compiled and a review meeting held with you and all those involved in your care.

During this meeting the team will discuss your programme and make their recommendations for future needs/care and placement from their assessment. Subject to agreement by all involved in your care and a subsequent discussion with you, your rehabilitation will to continue at Oakleaf if that is what you need.