A pre-admission assessment will often be carried out in the person’s current place of residence. The assessment team usually consists of The Oakleaf Group’s General Manager and another professional relevant to the needs of the person being assessed.

The aim of this part of the process is to find out as much as we can about the person and how their brain injury impacts on their life, their rehabilitation potential, personal circumstances, home, family/carer/supporters’ views and hopes for the future.

If we can meet with the family/carers as part of the assessment, it increases the quality of the information we gather and helps our decision making process.

If we feel that we would like to see how the person responds to our environment, we may suggest an assessment day following the initial visit. This is all part of the service.

We can respond to urgent referrals but we will always want to assess the person to see if we can offer an appropriate service.

Following the assessment, a comprehensive report with recommendations is prepared and discussed with The Oakleaf Group’s multidisciplinary team.

The person will be considered for all our Service Levels. If we feel we can offer an appropriate placement, we will make a bed offer and fee rates will be advised based on our Price Bandings depending on the person’s needs.

If we do not feel our services are right for the person at that time, we will send the assessment report with clear reasons why and recommendations where appropriate.

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