The Oakleaf Group’s philosophy is to help people maximise their potential through individually designed packages of care which seek to increase independence and enhance quality of life.

The aim of The Oakleaf Group is to deliver an exemplary rehabilitation service to provide:

  • Excellence in assessment and treatment of acquired brain injury and neurological conditions
  • Exceptional rehabilitation outcomes
  • Professionalism and interdisciplinary working
  • Commitment to positive work with residents and families/supporters
  • Innovation and flexible service solutions


We commit to providing an individual and relevant service. Residents and their families have the right to expect quality, responsiveness and a high level of competency from our staff.


We will provide a safe environment for residents, staff and visitors. We are open to suggestion and constructive feedback and strive to continuously monitor and improve quality and safety.


We believe in working collaboratively with everyone involved to achieve the best possible outcomes for residents and their families/supporters. Our staff take the time to really get to know the people in their care. We are committed to providing best value for money and delivering excellent outcomes to funders.


We will always strive to be open, honest and cost-effective in working with those who purchase our services. Services don’t always happen as expected and where we need to discuss a change of plan, we will be proactive.


We will recognise and value the individuality, strengths, goals and aspirations of those we provide services for, taking into account their previous lives, interests and circumstances.

Exceeding Expectations

We will listen with an open mind to feedback about our services; we will respond with skill and professionalism; we will take seriously the responsibility we have to deliver the best service we can every day, for each person, in the context of their needs and expectations. Rehabilitation isn’t just about working towards the next review, sometimes it’s about thinking about things in a different way and remembering that every day counts.

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