Once funding responsibility has been agreed and a funding package put in place, we will agree an admission plan. Sometimes this will involve a transition plan with visits to the new service to orientate or reduce anxieties.

When people visit, they meet different members of the therapy team and often have a meal with the people on the unit where they will be moving to. We consider any specialist equipment requirements at this time too and we work closely with family members and other professionals who may be involved.

Family members and supporters are encouraged to take an active role in helping their relative to settle in and orientate to their new environment.

The first days following admission are focussed on helping the person to find their way round and learn the routines at The Oakleaf Group as well as giving the therapy team time to start getting to know them as a person.

After that, the team will provide an individualised, time-tabled, ‘sessional day’ so that we can get going with the assessment and rehabilitation activities that form part of the therapeutic programme. Sometimes this can feel a bit hard to start with but we will structure in rest time if needed. Structure, routine and consistency are all features of a successful rehabilitation programme along with the care, encouragement and support provided by the staff at The Oakleaf Group.

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