The Oakleaf Group accepts referrals from health professionals, family members and carers and will consider any referral made from anywhere in the country.

The referral step by step process is simple…..

Step 1

A brief referral page is accessible from this website.  Enter the information and send – the information is then securely and safely delivered to the referrals team for consideration.  Alternatively you can speak to the Referrals and Admissions Co-ordinator by contacting 01604 864466

Step 2

If appropriate, assessments are typically undertaken within 3 working days and are completely free of charge and without obligation.  The attendance of family members/friends at assessments is welcome so that we can gather a full picture of the whole person and not just the clinical presentation of the injury and/or disabilities that have occurred.

Step 3

People can be admitted to any part of the service which best meets their needs.  Visitors to the service are welcome and although you do not need to arrange an appointment, weekend visits are best to be arranged to ensure you can be seen.  Assessments are undertaken by experienced qualified staff.  A comprehensive report will follow detailing findings and recommendations.

Step 4

Following assessment and suitability is agreed, the responsible funding commissioner will consider the request.  If accepted arrangements will be made for the person to be transferred at the earliest opportunity.