Mr Simpson

Mr Simpson is a 47 year old gentleman who currently lives in one of Oakleaf’s community houses. He first came to Oakleaf in October 2006, having suffered from physical and cognitive difficulties as a result of his brain injury and here he tells his story of his highs and lows, his achievements and ultimately the goals he wishes to achieve in life.
“When I first came to Oakleaf I had trouble walking. I kept falling down. I was on medication and at the time was incontinent and had trouble speaking. I was very anxious but I was relieved to finally get the help I needed. I wanted to be able to walk again like I did before, without even thinking about it. Not being able to walk properly did get me down”.

“I liked the look of Oakleaf, it had lots of space. I had my own room and I was able to put up all my pictures of my family. I got to know the staff well and soon I was in the garden doing horticulture and I loved it …. and I still love it! The care staff at Oakleaf have helped me to be independent again. At first I needed help with daily tasks like washing and dressing myself, but I did progress and started cleaning my room and cooking.”

“I moved to a flat at Hilltop House as I had done really well in my rehabilitation. I loved the flat and I always kept it neat and tidy. I was learning to cook more and more which I did before my head injury, and even cooked Lobster Thermidor with help from the care staff. I used to play football before my head injury but even though I can walk now, I still can’t play football because of my weakness in my side. However I do like going to watch my favourite team play …. Leicester City.”

“My friend Sean takes me. Sean is like my family. I have known him since I was a small boy and he has helped me all my life, and now he’s my best friend.”

“I moved into one of Oakleaf’s community houses at Weston Favell in December 2009 and I share this house with another resident. I am a lot more independent now and do all my cooking and cleaning. My favourite meals to cook are meatballs & pasta, faggots, pizza and shepherd’s pie. The care staff in the community still help me when I need it, and they help me with my medication as I do forget to take it. Ian Mosley looks after me and cares about me. He has taken me on a holiday of a lifetime to Africa which I will never forget”.

“My days at Oakleaf are very busy. I look after all the gardens of the community houses, which I love to do. I go to the gym, do my own shopping and cooking and I also do voluntary work. I work in a cafe, I like meeting new people at the cafe and help with the serving and cleaning up.”

“My head injury has changed my life forever … but so has Oakleaf. I would be happy to stay here forever, they have helped me get back in touch with my family, who I now see every month and speak to on the phone all the time.”

“My goals for the future are to go back to paid work and maybe one day I will do that with all the help I get from Oakleaf.”